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SJS Homepage

Spine & Joint Solutions is now located at 7 Spectrum Loop, Suite 135, Colorado Springs, CO 80921.

Our phones are currently down and should be functional again on December 26th. Until then, if you have an urgent matter that cannot wait until December 26th, please reach our on-call provider by calling 719-297-5588.

Our New Location:

In creating Spine & Joint Solutions, PLLC, Dr. Martin’s hope is to provide patient-focused care using appropriate, advanced treatment options to improve pain and restore function. The initial goals of SJS are to provide comprehensive evaluations, give accurate diagnoses and thoroughly educate all patients about their ailments, allowing patients to make informed decisions about their care. Available treatment options range from a comprehensive rehabilitation program to more advanced treatments including spine or joint injections.


Regenerative medicine, including platelet-rich fibrin (PRF) and stem cells, is emerging within the field of musculoskeletal medicine for the safe and effective treatment of spine and joint pain. PRF and stem cells, usually retrieved from the patient’s own body, offer patients more appropriately conservative and effective approaches to pain relief and tissue repair than traditional treatment options.


Dr. Martin will take time to discuss the diagnosis with each patient and make sure the patient better understands the pain generator. Creating a treatment plan is an individual and interactive process.


Our cutting-edge treatments have given patients an excellent non-surgical option to actually healing damaged tissue and avoid surgery. Dr. Martin has had groundbreaking success in using regenerative medicine products in the spine, joints and soft tissue.