February 24, 2015

Joint Pain in Your Knees? Come See Us in Colorado Springs Today

When you’re struggling with knee pain, high levels of mobility and activity can be very hard to achieve. If you’re experiencing severe pain in your knee each time you take a step or bend your knee while sitting, it’s important that you seek treatment for your joint pain right away. At Spine and Joint Solutions in Colorado Springs, we’ve treated numerous knee ailments, and can provide the advice and treatment that you need to live an active life once more. Knee problems can be caused by many things, one of which is overexertion while playing sports. As sports medicine experts, […]
February 12, 2015

Facet Joint Injections in Colorado Springs

For those dealing with back pain, it can be very aggravating to visit a chiropractor or medical provider and come away without feeling any better. You may have found temporary relief, but your pain always comes back, perhaps even worse than before. At Spine & Joint Solutions in Colorado Springs, our back pain treatment is designed to relieve your discomfort at the source, providing you with peace of mind that your pain has finally subsided. One possible cause of your back pain is a problem with the facet joints in your spine. Facet joints are small stabilizing joints that are […]
February 2, 2015

Effective Carpal Tunnel Treatment in Colorado Springs

People that write or type all day long for their job may complain that they’re experiencing pain in their hands and wrists, but true carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) can leave you unable to do even the slightest task. At Spine & Joint Solutions, we’ve provided numerous rounds of carpal tunnel treatment in Colorado Springs, and can help diagnose your condition if you’ve found that the pain just won’t subside. If you’re experiencing numbness in either hand, or pain that leaves you unable to work, we want to help you right away. The carpal tunnel is the channel where tendons, a […]
January 30, 2015

Relief for Your Joint Pain in Colorado Springs

Dealing with joint pain can be very frustrating, and if you’ve been suffering with it for some time now, it’s important that you find relief as soon as possible. At Spine & Joint Solutions in Colorado Springs, we want to help you find that elusive relief and with our effective treatment, you’ll be able to regain full range of motion and flexibility in your troublesome joints. Whether you’re struggling with tennis elbow, a rotator cuff injury, or trigger finger, we can help. Many people have heard of tennis elbow, or perhaps have experienced it at some point in their life, but […]