Facet Joint Injections in Colorado Springs

For those dealing with back pain, it can be very aggravating to visit a chiropractor or medical provider and come away without feeling any better. You may have found temporary relief, but your pain always comes back, perhaps even worse than before. At Spine & Joint Solutions in Colorado Springs, our back pain treatment is designed to relieve your discomfort at the source, providing you with peace of mind that your pain has finally subsided.

One possible cause of your back pain is a problem with the facet joints in your spine. Facet joints are small stabilizing joints that are found between and behind the vertebrae in the cervical, thoracic, and lumbar spine. You might be experiencing localized pain or decreased flexibility and motion due to irritation in the facet joints, and we will inject them with a mixture of Lidocaine and a steroid that will act together to decrease the irritation and provide you with much-needed relief. Depending on your diagnosis, we may also opt to provide the facet joints with platelet-rich plasma therapy or stem cell treatments.

You’ve been seeking long-lasting back pain treatment for some time now, and even though you might think it’s hopeless, you can get help. To learn more about our facet joint injections and other treatments in Colorado Springs, stop by our clinic at 4105 Briargate Parkway, Suite 245, or give us a call at 719-282-7827. Our staff will be more than happy to speak with you about your concerns, and schedule an appointment time that works for you.