The Importance of Ultrasound

Musculoskeletal ultrasound is an emerging field in medicine. To become proficient at performing musculoskeletal ultrasound in both the diagnostic and therapeutic arenas takes years of practice. In using the ultrasound machine from a diagnostic standpoint, real-time evaluation of the injured region of the body can occur. Damage can typically be clearly outlined and monitored for improvement over time. In using the ultrasound machine from a therapeutic standpoint, a needle can be guided directly into a desired region so that the medication can be placed precisely over the desired location. I would urge anyone who is dealing with a musculoskeletal issue to consider diagnostic ultrasound evaluation with Spine & Joint Solutions of Colorado, prior to more costly MRI imaging for diagnosis of an injury. I would also encourage patients to seek out physicians who will utilize ultrasound as a guidance tool for injection therapy. If ultrasound guidance is not used, studies have shown that even large joint injections can be inaccurate, which significantly decreases the possibility for improvement from that injection.

At Spine & Joint Solutions, Dr. Rebekah Martin frequently uses ultrasound evaluation for joints and soft tissue to develop a more comprehensive diagnosis of an injured area. She also performs all in-office injections under ultrasound so that she can be as specific as possible with medication placement. It is also quite interesting to monitor progress and tissue healing over time, which can be seen clearly under ultrasound.