Relief for Your Joint Pain in Colorado Springs

Dealing with joint pain can be very frustrating, and if you’ve been suffering with it for some time now, it’s important that you find relief as soon as possible. At Spine & Joint Solutions in Colorado Springs, we want to help you find that elusive relief and with our effective treatment, you’ll be able to regain full range of motion and flexibility in your troublesome joints. Whether you’re struggling with tennis elbow, a rotator cuff injury, or trigger finger, we can help.

Many people have heard of tennis elbow, or perhaps have experienced it at some point in their life, but persistent lateral epicondylitis – the medical term for tennis elbow – can be very painful. Inflamed tendons on the outer portion of the elbow can make extending the arm and wrist very painful. With the proper treatment, patients will begin to see improvement. Sometimes a brace is necessary, and this will help the tendons and muscles rest and recover from the inflammation. If conservative care doesn’t prove effective, we will discuss further options, such as platelet-rich plasma therapy.

Joint pain can severely affect your life, so if you’re seeking treatment in Colorado Springs, come to Spine & Joint Solutions right away. Our team will discuss all of your options with you regarding treatment and therapy, and we’ll make sure you’re completely comfortable before we proceed with anything. You don’t have to live with discomfort and pain, or miss out on the things you love because of them. Make an appointment with us and we’ll help your pain go away.

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